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RULES ON SERVER  ! ! ! Empty
PostSubject: RULES ON SERVER ! ! !   RULES ON SERVER  ! ! ! EmptyTue Aug 10, 2010 1:15 pm

1. Rules are for all players so respect and follow them.

2. Server is open for all people.

3. Bad words and insults = kick or mute.

4. Bad nicks = changing nick or kick when person will more use to bad nick.

5. Too much double switching on server = a warning or kick when person will switching more.

6. Three TeamNade or TeamKilling = kick or warning.

7. Cheats = BAN BAN BAN.

8. Camping and Spawning on server are not allowed then after three times person can be kicked.

9. Spamming on server = mute or kick.

10. PeperLuncher, GranadeLuncher, PepperSpray NO available on server.

11. Every player can join SPEC or VIEW not more than for 10 minutes. After this time player can be kicked by Admin.

12. Admins and Super Admins on server can ask for running Universal AntiCheat 2. If person dont running UAC2 Admin can ban or kick him.

13. Every player have right to ask why Admin used his power on him then all Admins must answer.

14. Every player have right to make official Complaint on clan forum [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] or talk with Clan Leaders or Vice Clan Leaders.

15. Every player or member who need help should talk with Clan Leaders or Vice Clan Leaders then we will help you.

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